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The solutions to many issues facing clients involve the very processes by which public law and policy is conceived, developed, and implemented by the government.

Administrative Law 

Seilhamer Law Group Logo

 We actively represent government and private clients in actions and processes before the central government, the legislature, and the municipalities of the Government of Puerto Rico and with the U.S. Federal Government. In addition, we coordinate the execution of specific legal actions, including determining the proper agency to approach and designing the most appropriate strategy.  Our services include:

a. Represent clients before administrative agencies

b. Monitor the enactment of laws, executive orders and municipal ordinances

c. Assist clients in drafting proposed legislation or proposed amendments

d. Analyze the application of government regulations

e. Develop strategies with our clients to manage government matters at municipal, state, or federal level

f. Representation in administrative or judicial appeals

g. Draft written opinions on proposed legislation or regulations

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