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We advise and represent both individual and business clients in proceedings before the United States Bankruptcy Court for the District of Puerto Rico, either as debtors or creditors.

The Bankruptcy Law is social legislation designed to help individuals or companies with financial problems reorganize or even eliminate certain debts. Bankruptcy Law is designed to provide an opportunity to start over by freeing the person or company from paying some or all of their debts.

Depending on income, or lack thereof, an individual or business may seek protection from the Bankruptcy Law using different Chapters, primarily Chapters 7 (liquidation) and 13 (reorganization). Filing a case under the protection of the Bankruptcy Law immediately stops creditor collection efforts, foreclosures, collection actions, garnishments, repossessions and the collection of interest on your credit cards. Additionally, you could achieve restoration of your finances by creating a payment plan taking into account your basic needs first (water, electricity, food, housing, etc.)

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